By Richard Wittmann

I'm a software developer in the central coast, Santa Maria, California.

When I lived in Quartz Hill, CA, I had a water basin behind my house for catching water runoff. During the spring and early summer it has a lot of frogs and they end up getting into my pool and I'd have to "save" them.

The idea of the Baby Frogs started in 2015. When my son, Zach, came home for the summer from college, he couldn't find a job. We went out to breakfast one morning and were discussing this when I brought up that we could make the game together.

He had learned how to use the graphics tools in high school and I knew he could do it. I wasn't as good with graphics but I program for a living and knew that I could handle the coding. Together we worked hard for many months to complete the game.

I already have ideas for more games, completely different styles, and my son wants to build a game of his own. Currently, we are working on porting Treasure Castle, a original 1987 retro text-adventure game for mobile and Z-Hero: The Sacred Sword, a Zelda style action, adventure game.

I hope you enjoy our games and keep in touch,

Richard Wittmann